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Best Android Emulator 2021 – Gaming Emulators For PC

If you want to know which one is the best Android emulator in 2021, you have to read this article completely. Today I will tell you about some of the best gaming Android emulators 2021 through which you can run any application of Android smartphone very easily.

First, we need to know what emulators are and for what purpose they are used. So let me tell you that with Android Emulator you can use any application of Android smartphone on your desktop very easily. Emulators are like virtual devices and they work just like your smartphone.

Their biggest advantage is that if no application is being installed on your mobile phone, you can install it in an Android emulator and use it very easily.

1) Bluestack Emulator

So first I will tell you about the gaming emulator which is called BlueStock. This is the best emulator on which you can easily play any game. If we compare it with all other major emulators, it has shown excellent performances.

The biggest advantage of BlueStock is that you can install all the games that are installed on a large Android version. But for that, you need a good operating system with more random access memory and better system speed.

You can easily use BlueStock on a high-end system, but it is tough to use on a low-end system.

2) MeMu Emulator

The best feature of this Android emulator, you can easily run it on a low-end PC as it does not require much random access memory nor does it require much storage. The biggest advantage of this is that it supports both types of AMD or Intel chipsets processor.

This emulator is free and if it is compared to BlueStock, there is no difference between the two except that this emulator uses less memory and runs smoothly on a low-end Pc.

With this Android emulator, you can create the biggest Android version of the virtual devices. Another important advantage of this is that whenever you create an Android device in it, its IMEI number and all other details are different.

3) Prime OS

It is not only an emulator but it also works like an operating system through which you can install and use all the applications of your iPhone and Android. You install windows on your computer, it is just like the windows operating system that is used and has its partition.

Its interface is wonderful, and if you talk about its features, you get a lot of great features. You can play the biggest version of the game by installing it or you can watch videos etc. 

4) Tencent Game Buddy

If you are PUBG Game Lover and finding an Android emulator on you can easily play this game then you don’t have to worry because through this emulator you can easily play PUBG game on the computer.

This is an Android emulator designed specifically for this game. The developers of this emulator are famous all over the world and they have made this emulator so great that you can easily play on it with the biggest ones like PUBG.

This emulator is a great gift for game enthusiasts and I will suggest you this emulator because it is perfect for both high-end or low-end PC.

PC Games On Android

So now we will talk about how you guys can easily play any computer game on your mobile phone. I know it is very difficult to install any computer game on mobile but you can easily play some games on your mobile using emulators.

So I will tell you some of the emulators which are very good and used to play computer games on mobile.

1) PPSSPP Gold 

This is an excellent emulator compared to all other emulators because it allows you to run iOS files very easily. For this, you have to first download the iOS file of any game. Later you can come to this emulator and play this game directly without installing it.

This is a great emulator that allows you to play any kind of game very easily but keep in mind that your mobile storage must be good for this as it may happen that Some games may not be run on your mobile phone due to low memory.

2) Happy Chick

This is another amazing emulator in which all the games are available which can be easily played even on your computer. Here you can find many popular games that you can play by clicking on them. 

Another important and special thing about this emulator is that you get to see all the famous games that are only available for computers only. You can play GTA vice city, Pubg mobile, Call of duty, and God of war Etc.

Ending Words

So I hope you guys liked this article Best Android Emulator 2021 and you have to give your opinion about all these emulators in the comments section so that we can find out which one you are leaning towards.

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