The Top 10 Best Anime on Hulu Right Now


Hello, everyone, I hope you are well. Hulu is very popular today. Hulu provides you TV shows and movies online and it’s very popular for its anime. In this post, we talk about which 10 best anime available on Hulu.

12 Best Anime on Hulu

  1. Akira
  2. Blade & Soul
  3. Ghost in the Shell stand-alone complex
  4. Elfen Lied
  5. Blood Blockade Battlefront
  6. K-ON!!
  7. Charloote
  8. MegaloBox
  9. Future Diary
  10. Higurashi when they cry

1: Akira

This is also a movie which I try to exclude so you have something to watch over the course of a week or so or if you’re like me just add a let’s talk a little bit about the anime pretty much you have psychic people riding motorcycles in all fairness. The story is quite complex and fun. Watch with way more than just psychic people riding bikes.

Akira is one of the best anime on hulu

2: Blade & Soul

It’s based on an MMO. So it was quite entertaining to see it flushed out in an anime to my understanding not a lot of people liked it, but I love fantasy type of anime. So it hit right at home for me. The main character is an assassin searching for the organization that murdered her master.

Blade & Soul its a imo best anime on hulu

3: Ghost in the Shell stand-alone complex

I think they actually have Ghost in the Shell. So you’re going to want to watch Ghost in the Shell but this one was actually a higher up in the list. So I’m choosing this one. Probably one the anime fans will have already seen but for all the casuals in the house today. This is going to be a really interesting show for you like a lot of suspense and It has an interesting story.

3: Ghost in the Shell stand-alone complex this anime actually ghost related

4: Elfen Lied

Elfen lied the main character kills people in horrific ways and really makes you terrified of anyone that would want powers like hers. She seems to have a split personality want to kill are body and one that is Da sound kind she is trying to piece her memory back together.

Elfen lied is the main and horrific  anime on hulu

5: Blood blockade Battlefront

Seemingly in a normal World, A city on earth ended up being a portal to another world where all kinds of creatures live in it. Luckily Humanity was able to put up a barrier sealing off the city. The main character lives in the city. It’s in a funny moment with lots of fighting.

5: Blood blockade Battlefront its a normal world anime

6: K-ON!

Basically the anime Wants to start a band at her school but needs three more people to join her or the unfathomable will happen. She won’t be able to reach her goal of being an awesome rock and roll band. The animation is something to be admired but this was pleasantly enjoyable.

6: K-ON! rock and band anime on hulu

7: Charlotte

I have a special place in my heart with this anime. I love the main characters and I was always laughing the crazy thing about this anime is how balanced the comedy and drama. There is a lot of drama that just hit you right in the baby maker people have developed abilities that are unique and typical but really you want to watch for the character’s interactions with others.

7: Charlotte i loved this anime too much

8: MegaloBox

It’s an anime about boxing. This is such a wonderful anime. I love the animation and the way the plot twists and turns keep you guessing constantly. the main character needs money badly. So he decides to Megalo box, which is boxing while wearing a cyborg type of equipment all the fights.

8: MegaloBox its a boxing type anim on hulu

9: Future Diary

The main character of this anime is Yuno Gasai, Yukiteru Amano, Aru Akise, Minene Uryu. This is one of the best Anime on Hulu, I also like to watch. If you are on Hulu you must watch this anime.

9: Future Diary this anime shown fiture what happen in

10: Higurashi when they cry

This one is also a slightly bloody anime that keeps you wanting to watch the next episode the main’s to this town where he makes new friends after a couple of murders. He starts to figure out that his friends might be involved in them.

10: Higurashi when they cry its a bloddy anime

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