Top 5 Best Free Learning Apps for Kids


Top 5 Best Free Learning Apps for Kids Online Education Technology (EdTech) saw unprecedented growth, rise, and demand, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Educational apps are designed to make the learning process more accessible, interactive, and simple in accessibility.

In this post, we’ll examine some of the top educational technology (EdTech) apps for children as well as the essential components every educational app should contain, depending on the age group it is intended to serve.   

5 best app for kids

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Top 5 Best Free Learning Apps for Kids

1. JustTutors (Age: 5+ Years)

 JustTutors was Founded by Socratic Education Private Limited. The entire framework is built on standardizing delivery by teachers by appointing only full-time employees who could take full ownership of learners. They are driven by their vision to be an ed-tech startup with a focus on education more than tech to ensure child’s growth by giving personalized attention and developing a strong teacher-student bond. Just Tutors help students in 12+ countries following IB, US Curriculum, British Curriculum, and fast emerging Edtech in GCC, US & UK.

  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Subjects Maths, Science, English With Chapter Wise

2. Khan Academy (Age: 5+ Years)

Khan Academy is one such educational institution that provides a free one with videos, exercises, and tests for kids’ math, science, and more subjects. It gives free education from classes 1 to 12.  

Children first interact with and play with amiable animal guides. Activities are then automatically presented based on past performance and age. From preschoolers through first graders, there is content available. There are possibilities for discovery and creative expression while the topics alternate between arithmetic, ELA, logic, and socio-emotional learning games, movies, and books. After finishing tasks, children select a prize to add to their animal friends’ collections. Additionally, parents and children can browse and choose activities by topic or type, as well as age.

This app is having over 10,000 instructional videos, classes, and other forms of content. Everything is also completely free. Khan Academy focuses on more traditional subjects such as mathematics, economics, history, science, and others. There is also a version designed specifically for younger children, which we highly recommend.

3. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics (Age: 5+ Years)

 Looking for a fun, free, and easy-to-use educational app to help your toddler learn phonics and trace alphabet letters? ABC Kids is a great place to start.
 From toddlers through preschoolers and kindergarteners, ABC Kids is a free phonics and alphabet teaching program that makes learning fun for kids. It includes a variety of tracing games that teach kids how to recognize letter forms, associate them with phonic sounds, and apply their knowledge of the alphabet to fun matching activities. Any toddler, kindergartener, or preschooler can learn English and the English alphabet by simply tracing the arrows with their finger.

4. RV AppStudios (Age: 5+ Years)

You should never wait too long to start your child’s education. Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, older kids, and even adults are all eager to learn the alphabet, numbers, addition, subtraction, and other concepts. Sharing clever, beautifully made educational apps and games with children on a daily basis is the best approach to promote this.

A free educational game for young children called Math Kids teaches math and numbers. It has a variety of mini-games that preschoolers and toddlers will like playing, and the more they use them, the more proficient they become in math. Math Kids is useful for preschoolers.

For young children, Math Kids is a free educational game that teaches math and numbers. Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy playing the variety of mini-games included in it, and the more they play, the better their math abilities will get! Math Kids will be helpful to preschoolers.

5. Greysprings (Age: 5+ Years)

 Kindergarten kids’ learning games offer entertaining educational activities for young children. The best educational games for kids use a kid-friendly learning app to teach the alphabet, shapes, counting, tracing, interactive charts, and body parts. As kinesthetic learners, toddlers entering kindergarten (Nursery, LKG, and kg level classes) benefit greatly from interactive learning (age 2-6 years).

The “attention span of the child” is a consideration in child teaching. The young person’s attention span is shorter. With this in mind, we have developed creative interactive games and puzzles, such as apple shooting games for boys and girls, car-building activities, basketball games, dog-hopping activities, and elephant-dodging activities.


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