How to Activate Officially Dark mode on Play Store

Let me inform you that Google officially released updates for all Android devices. So, it doesn’t matter you are using Android 7 or any later version you can simply go to the play store then setting and activate the darkish mode on your play store Application. So, let me show you a full guide, how to activate officially dark mode on play store.

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How to Enable Dark mode on play store:

You go to your play store application and now you go to the menu option and then tap on Setting, Under the general setting category you can see theme option. So, tap on this option And there are three options by default Light, Dark & Set by the Battery, Go to activate the dark mode simply, tap on the dark option.

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Step by step Activate Dark mode:

How to enable darkish mode.
  1. Launch the Play Store Application.
  2. Now you tap on three horizontal line buttons on the up left-side corner.
  3. Tap on Setting option.
  4. Under setting, you tap on the fifth option theme.
  5. Here, by-default select light mode, you tap on the dark option.

After applying the theme it looks very pretty. I remind you it doesn’t matter you are using Android 7 or any Later version, but Android 7 is the most important thing and I am also using an Android 7. So, This is a full guide of darkish mode in play store or how you enable this darkish mode in play store.


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