How to Clean up trash in Xioami Smartphone


You can clean trash in Xioami Smartphone, You can clean up trash in Xiaomi smartphone and keep your memories and i see you Clean up trash in xioami smartphone.

regular cleaning trash in miui10
regular cleaning

Regularly cleaning the Trash

If you regularly clean up trash in xioami smartphone it makes your phones speed faster.

  • First go to the Security and click on it’s icon.
  • And then Click on Cleaner.
  • When you click on cleaner then you see searching the trash size in your smartphones.
  • After completing this process you see a option above the Home screen one option Cleanup 110Mb .

Security >>> Cleaner >>> Clean up(trash files size)

# -Deep Cleaning

show you in miui 10 how to clean a trash
deep cleaning

Deep cleaning in Xioami Smartphone can help you clear Unwanted Photos, Apps, App data , Big files & vedios.

  • After you completing the above process
  • You see a option Deep clean click on Scan it.

Security >>> Cleaner >>> Deep Clean

# -1 Photos

clean photos in xioami
Clean photos

When you completing all the above steps you click on the scan button, then a pages open here you see a option photos and you see your photos that’s in your phones and below the photos one option clean up now.

When you click the Clean up now option a pages open here, all the photos you see that’s in your phone and select the undesired images you want to delete permanently.

Security >>> Cleaner >>> Deep Clean >>>Photos(Clean up now) >>> Delete

# 2- Apps

clean unwanted apps in xioami
clean app

After the photos deleting process complete then you come’s on that pages there you see the photos option.

Here you Scroll down and then you see a Apps option, select those app which are not in use and Delete permanently.

Security >>> Cleaner >>> Deep Clean >>> Apps(Scan now) >>> Delete

# 3- Apps Data

Select those Apps data those are not useful for you and delete permanently.

clean unwanted app data in xioami
clean app data

Security >>> Cleaner >>> Deep Clean >>> Apps data (Scan now) >>> Delete

# -4 Big files

clean big files in xioami
clean big files

When you clean up trash in xioami smartphone, then you see a big files option here you delete those files.

E.g- you download the app (PubG) after you plays few days you uninstall, that app his big files not deleted here you see his files and clear that files.

My main motive is you only delete those files, that a not in use and select those files and click on delete permanently.

Security >>> Cleaner >>> Deep Clean >>> Big files (Scan now) >>> Delete

# 5-Videos

clean videos in xioami
clean videos

Select undesired videos, delete those videos permanently. If Big Sizes videos you don’t want to delete you move those videos on Google Drive and then you delete the videos permanently.

Security >>> Cleaner >>> Deep Clean >>> Videos (Scan now) >>> Delete