How To Clear Clipboard on Windows 10

How To Clear Clipboard on Windows 10 – Copy and paste happen to be one of the extensively used characteristics in Windows 10. It is incredibly suitable and time-saving to make use of the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+C to copy contents and texts on the clipboard and also use Ctrl+V to paste them.

Most of the time it is the first thing that comes to mind when we need to perform any task related to copying. Notwithstanding, for privacy or safety reasons,  you may sometimes want to erase clipboard history or just empty specific items from it. We will be discussing easy procedures you can use to erase your clipboard.

How To Clear Clipboard

STEP 1: Clear Clipboard Data using Settings

The first considerably immediate and easiest way that can be used to clear Windows 10 clipboard is to make use of the Clipboard tab from Settings. You can decide to erase all the clipboard items which also includes and excludes the pinned items.  To perform this method makes use of the steps below 

  • : Tap on the Windows icon on the bottom left corner of your screen and select Settings.  Open it, and then select System from the dropdown list.
Tap on System
  • Select clipboard on the left side of the page.
  • And on the right side, below the page, you will see a Clear icon click on it to delete all clipboard history whether pinned or unpinned.
Clear Clipboard

Now for you to delete all clipboard history without the pinned items, under the Clear clipboard data heading, tap the Clear button.

To delete all clipboard history with pinned items, under the Clipboard history heading, click the button slide to turn off the switch.

of it

STEP 2: Clear Clipboard via Command Prompt

Another way to erase clipboard history on Windows 10 by running command via Command Prompt.

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  • Go to the Command Prompt.
  • And search for cmd /c “echo off | clip” in the Command Prompt search box and press Ok to run it.
cmd /c "echo off | clip"
Using CMD
  • Shut the Command Prompt when you are finished.

STEP 3 Clear Clipboard by Creating a Shortcut

By creating a shortcut to empty Windows 10 clipboard, you can easily run the shortcut when you  hastily need to erase the clipboard, 

  • Right-click on any space on the screen and from the dropdown list select New>Shortcut.
Create Shortcut
  • Search cmd /c echo.|clip in the Type the location of the item section and select Next to move on.
type name
  • Insert any name for this shortcut and then click Done.
clipboard shotcut name

 You will notice that the shortcut has been added to your desktop. So when next you need to erase the clipboard data, just double-click it.

STEP 4: Erase Clipboard Using Windows+V

Another suggested way for you to erase your clipboard on Windows 10 is to use the Windows+V keys on your keyboard. it is an effective way that you can use to delete clipboard history items individually and delete all the clipboard history data without pinned items.

  • Press the Windows +V keys to open the clipboard page, there you can find a list of texts and images that you might have copied before.
  • To erase any particular clipboard history items individually, just scroll down to search for the item,  select the three horizontal dots at the back of each item and then tap the Delete button to clear …
  • To erase all the items from the clipboard, you can select Clear All.

You will be notified that the clipboard is empty.


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