How to delete a page in Google docs


Google docs are very popular and very good, It has very cool features. It has everything that you need from a word processor. But in docs very common problem is a random page blank this comes when you finish writing. here’s I share with you How to delete a page in Google docs.

You have a 3-pages document and in this document, the text is written first and the last page. and the middle page is left blank by mistake. Here, I am sharing 4 ways to remove this blank page.

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4- Ways How to delete a page in Google docs

Method 1: Cursor at the End

In this method, put your cursor at the end of the text on the page before the blank and press delete. It’s a very simple and easy method to delete a page in docs.

Method 2: Highlight text

The best fastest and easiest way to delete a page on google is to highlight the text and hit to the backspace button. But you have to keep in mind that you highlight the relevant text from which you want to remove. This is very fast method.

Method 3: Adjust the line spacing

  1. You tap on the Format button located above.
in this tap on format
  1. In format, you scroll down and tap on Line spacing.
in this tap on line spacing
  1. In line-spacing, you select the custom spacing.
tap on custom margin
  1. And the custom spacing pop-up box open and try adjusting the after paragraph spacing if its anything but zero.
and custom margin select

Method 4: Adjust margin

Margin is the best way to delete a page on google docs, you can adjust the margin and delete the page easily.

  1. Tap on the up-right row file button.
tap on file
  1. In file, option scroll down and tap on Page setup.
in file tap on page setup
  1. And tap on page-setup and your popup menu open, here you adjust the margin size, page color, page size, and orientation.
adjust margin accrording to your choice

4. If you want to delete a page adjust the margin. Try adjust the margin at the bottom.

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