How to Enable Fingerprint lock-in your WhatsApp

When you Enable the Fingerprint lock-in your WhatsApp, Whenever you open your WhatsApp application it will surely need to touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock WhatsApp and use your Application. That Way your Application will be Safe No-one can use it without your authorization. This is a new feature you unquestionably need to update your WhatsApp Application. So, Enable Fingerprint to lock-in your WhatsApp. you can follow some simple steps given below.

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How to Enable fingerprint lock:

  1. Tap on three dotted vertical buttons at the top right corner.
  2. And Tap on last option Setting.
  3. Now Tap on your Account section.
  4. Now Tap on the privacy option at the top.
  5. Scroll down at the bottom and tap on the Fingerprint lock.

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  1. Are you have to do enable this toggle.
  2. Touch the Fingerprint Sensor.
  3. Now here three options immediately, After 1 minute & After 30 minutes, you can select from you can choose According to your choice.
  4. I Recommended you enable Immediately lock option.
  5. you can also enable Show the content in notification.

So, Now you again open your WhatsApp, you need to put the finger on Fingerprint Sensor. Now your Fingerprint enable. I told you Full guide How to Enable Fingerprint lock-in your WhatsApp.

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