How to Fix in Playstore “waiting for Download”

hhow to fix waitng for download

Many of times, when you want to download any application and you click on INSTALL button and Few second later you see in your Playstore “waiting for download“.

Check Status of Application When you are downloading any application in your smartphone and a error come’s in playstore ” Waiting for download” or “download pending”. Today i am helping you to solve this error, and you can easily download any application.

1# Method – Resolve Error in playStore “Waiting For Download”

Go to your playstore and above in left hand side corner you see three lines, Click on these lines and now you see your email address , below this you see “My apps and games” click on this and Now you will see those application which are installed in your smartphone. And you see a options “Stop ” . Click on this icon stop all auto update application stop.

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  1. Go to playstore
  2. And then click on above given three line.
  3. Now you see “My apps and game” .
  4. Click on “Stop” Second method.

2# Method – Check your Connection Playstore “Waiting for download”

If you use the first method and then you do not download any application, So you use this second method in this method you can check your internet connection on your device. And check your internet connection chosen on your device in the play store.

  1. Go to “PlayStore”.
  2. Click on the left-hand side above given “Three lines“.
  3. And now scroll down Click on “Setting”.
  4. And then you see the second option click on “App Download Preference”.
  5. And Now open one pop-up option, Here you select “Over any Network”.
First you tap on setting in setting you tap on app download prefrence inhere you slect over any network that will fix you playstore waiting for download

Method 3: Check Available Storage

In this method, you check you have sufficient storage to download the app. To check storage:

  1. Go to the phone “Setting”.
  2. In setting scroll down and tap on “Storage”.

Here you will get details of all Installed applications. And check whether there is enough space for the app you want to download? If you don’t have insufficient space, you can uninstall an unnecessary app. This way you can fix playstore waiting for download.

Method 4: Check date & Time

Sometimes play store downloading stuck due to the wrong date and time. Now you can fix this error, you need to update your date and time.

  1. Go to Phone Setting.
  2. Tap on Additional Setting.
  3. Tap on Date & time. If you do not find the Date & time option. In the phone settings, tap on the search bar, and here you write the date & time.
  4. In the date & time option, you can enable the toggle next to Automatic date & time.
  5. After that restart your phone and again try to download the application.
In this method you tap on additioonal setting and tap on date and time after that toggle next to automatic date and time this method is used to fix playstore waiting for download

Method 5: Check Parental Control Setting

Now in this method, we will turn-off parental settings because sometimes it disturbs downloading apps.

  1. Go to PlayStore Setting.
  2. Scroll down in user control tap on Parental controls. If your parental setting turns on. So, you turn off this setting.
tap on play store setting and after tap on parental control and turn off



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