How to save Snapchat videos : Android


You know In a Snapchat Chat will automatically clear after you seen the message, And snap Stories will also disappear with in a 24 hours. That’s a way Snapchat works, this one is the main way lot of people in the World using This application. In your contact your Friends created a Good Snaps Stories and you want to save his snaps, And you don’t know how to save a snap videos.

 If you want to save a Video Status of your friend "How to save snapchat videos

SnapChat Create a One Security Features for his User, When you sent a message to your friend after seeing this message chat disappear. If you take Screenshot of your friend Status Snapchat notify his users and get a notification, you take a screenshot. If you want to save a Video Status of your friend “How to save snapchat videos” Follow some Steps:

How to save Snapchat videos

If you want to Save a Snapchat Status the best way is record status you can use a Screen Recorder. Download the Screen Recorder link given below. This way you can save status, which user status you save. This method User don’t get any notification if you record status of your friend

After installed this application you open this app then you see a Floating ” M ” tap. After wait your screen recording process start. If you want to stop again click floating icon and click on Stop icon. This application is easy to use and this one is very good application, I also use this application to record Screen.

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Follow Steps: How to Save a Snapchat videos

  1. Click on above given link to download “Mobizen Screen Recorder” .
  2. Click “Install” to download.
  3. After Installation “Open” this Application.
  4. Now open “Snapchat”.
  5. Click On “floating Icon” and start Record.
  6. Now quickly go on that video which you want to record.
  7. After completing the video you “Stop” the Record.

I hope if you use this method, using this method you can easily Save your friend status. I known this process is too long but this one is the solid method to record the snapchat stories.