How to we a Reset Samsung Tablet

how to reset samsung galaxy tab

Samsung is the biggest brand of Electronic gadgets making company samsung galaxy tablet is one of the best tablet in all over the world because of it’s good
features and superb design.

How to reset Samsung tablet, it clear all the cache and make your tab new. just like new when you buy your tab and it’s working speed also increase.

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Two method How to Reset Samsung Tablet:

  1. Software Method
  2. Buttons Method

# 1: Software Method(Reset Samsung Tablet)

  1.  Go to the “Setting”.
  2.  Scroll down click on “General” Tab.
  3. Select on “Backup & Reset”.
  4. Click on “Factory data Reset”.
  5. If you want to erase your “SD card” to select this if you want to erase your Card.
  6. And then click on “Reset Device”.

Setting >>> General setting >>> Backup and Reset >>> Factory Data Reset >>> Select(SD card) >>> Reset Device.

# 2: Buttons Method (Reset Samsung Tablet)

  1. You “Turn Off” your Samsung Tablet.
  2. After Turn Off you Press and Hold “Volume Up” “Home” & “Power”.
  3. When you See Recovery screen and Samsung Logo You Release the buttons.
  4.  Use “Volume Button” To select “Wipe data/ Factory Reset” .
  5. When Your Selected Text highlight, use “home Button” To click.
  6. And New Screen Open Use “Volume Up” To continue Reset your tablet

Turn Off >>> Hold( Volume up, Home & Power) >>> Select(wipe data/ factory reset) >>> Use(Home Button) >>> Volume up.

Note- After following these steps you wait 10-15min.

“About my Experience”

==> Follows some steps (How to Reset Samsung Tablet) <==
First most important things i clear you when you reset your tab make sure your Tab’s battery minimum 20%.
And in your tab some important data lets create a backup files and upload on any online storage (i recommended Google Drive).
After uploading all your important data.And again check nothing is important in your tab and if you sure click to reset tab.
It takes some times minimum 10 min. about my experience when reset process running in your tab don’t press any button.
when reset process complete let’s setup language and sign into google.

Congrats your Samsung Galaxy Tab all reset process complete. Your’s tab speed increase 2x times.

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