How to we use SHAREfactory on PS4


When we play a game on PS4 Suddenly a something amazing happens, we play a game.#HOW DO WE USE SHAREFACTORY.

At that time no-one near me as a witness and then your friend come you want to see that amazing event occurs at you. And you tell your friend nobody believes you.

don’t worry now you able to store for future reference, you must go to your Playstation store to retrieve your problem.

Here SONY provides you the best tools name SHAREfactory many users not known about this.

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# – How to use SHAREfactory?

If you wanna use the app firstly you need to record footage of your Gameplay. when you record then later you edit your Gameplay footage. Start your desired gameplay record you must go to the game and click on SHARE BUTTON on your DualShock controller twice.

And then you see the left-hand side recording start. If you want to stop a recording Click on Share then your recording stopped and you save your recording.


#-New projects

CREATE A NEW PROJECTS– Open the app click “NEW PROJECT” and choose your desired Theme and give the name of your project up to 24 characters.

how to create a new projrct in sharefactory
share factory create a new projects

#- Edit Gameplay

EDIT YOUR LAST RECORDING- You can edit your gameplay speed at your choice fast and slow. Press the Square button

then you see Time binder option and now choose speed 8th-8x and you choose STEP or SMOOTH. press the X-Button to apply.

how to edit your last recording
Edit gameplay

#-Add Default Track

ADD VOICEOVERS-you can add a default track in your gameplay at your choice you can choose it default track, record a new track & customize your track at your choice that you want

if you are satisfied with your track you can save with your track and then later preview your gameplay after you can save it.

in short i told you full information of sharefactory..

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