How to you ‘Block’ and ‘Unblock’ someone’s on WhatsApp


Today we will talk that if someone bothers you too much on WhatsApp, it hurts, it sends the opposite message directly, Either you get a message from an unknown number and he/she sends a fake news, fake videos and fake picture to you or makes objectionable messages on WhatsApp which is against the Terms and Condition of WhatsApp.And you want to block that number, but if you think it is very difficult to block and unblock someone’s on WhatsApp, then let me tell you, this is just a matter of under 1 min.

How to Block Someone’s on WhatsApp:

step by step to block someone's on WhatsApp
How to Block
  1. Launch your WhatsApp Application.
  2. Tap on that Contact which you want to block.
  3. Tap three-dotted button upright corner.
  4. Tap More options from them.
  5. Tap the second option block.
  6. Now you got confirmation your contact will no longer be able to call or send you messages.
  7. So, you tap on the block, Now you Successfully blocked that person.

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How to Unblock Someone’s on WhatsApp:

If you ever your Mind changed and you unblock that person, what to need to do to unblock someone’s on WhatsApp.

How to you unblock anyone i whatsapp
How to unblock
  1. You go to the profile of that person.
  2. Again tap the three-dotted button upright corner.
  3. And again tap the more option.
  4. And tap Second option Unblock.

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Note: If you delete the Chat of that person how you unblock that person.

  1. Launch the WhatsApp.
  2. Tap the three-dotted button upright corner.
  3. Tap the fifth option setting.
  4. Now you tap on Account.
  5. In Account, you tap on privacy.
  6. Here you scroll down and tap on Blocked Contact.
  7. Here you search which contact want to unblock.

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That’s it, you have Successfully unblock that person. So, Guys it is very quick How to block and unblock Someone’s on WhatsApp.


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