How to you can Change Google Assistant voice


If you don’t like the voice of Google Assistant, You can change voice very easily. Google Assistant provides you a options of Male & Female voice, the voice of male celebrity is John legend and the female voice is Issa Rae.

these celebrity voices available in English if you are using another language then another male and female voice available.

How to change Google Assistant voice

You can tap on the Home Screen button then your Google Assistant activated, In there you see one option just look like a “Compass” click on this Compass icon and then an Explore page open and on this page at the top of Right-hand side here you see a small circle.

How to you change google Assistant voice
How do you change Google Assistant voice

Click on this small circle and navigate to the setting, tap on setting and Next switch to Assistant, here you see an option “Assistant Voice” click on this option now you see two colors “Red” and “Yellow”. Tap any colors to hear a voice if you like red color voice just click on it, now your Google Assistant Voice changed.

chose color to enable google assistant

Step to how to change

  1. Go to “Google Assistant”.
  2. Click on downright “Compass icon”.
  3. Now click upper given “Small Circle”.
  4. Navigate and tap on”Setting”.
  5. Click on setting Now an Explore page opens.
  6. Switch to “Assistant Voice”.
  7. Select Colors to choose a voice.

Following these simple steps, you can easily change the voice.