How to Install “java JDK” on Windows 10


# Step: 1 (Download Java on Your P.C/ Laptop)

Windows 10 operating system so let’s get started first of all open your favorite browser and search for Java JDK and you will see the first link which love here will be from ORACLE.COM. Just click this link and here you will see two options one is Java Platform with JDK and the other is NetBeans with JDK 8 you want to click this Java button here. “How to Install Java JDK on Windows 10”

go to to download java

you will see various options to download Java on your Windows operating system or Linux on Mac OS first of all just click this accept license agreement this radio button, and then you can download this executable file for your operating systems.

choosse windowx64 to download javaa

We want to install it for a Windows operating system. And if you are using Windows 10, most probably you have windows 64 bit. So just click this last option as going to install Java JDK on your Windows 10

# Step: 2 (Install java JDK on window 10)

If download is complete it looks like this will be like an executable file that you can run. So just double click on it. And click next and again click next, Now installation start after a min installation complete.

# Step : 3 ( Java is already installed on your system or not )

open command prompt

Let’s see how to check whether Java is already installed on your system or not show the simple way to check if Java is installed in my system is just go to your “Windows start” button here you write command prompt and open Command Prompt you just need to write Javac and press enter and if it gives you this result, “the ‘javac’ is not recognized as an internal or external command “ and possibly Java is not installed on your system. So close this command prompt. So now we will check it. Now Java JDK install on window 10

show erroe message in command prompt

Open your folder Explorer and go to your PC click this PC and go to the C folder and go to program files. You will be able to see this folder called Java inside. The Java you will see two folders one is JDK and the other is JRE so for simplicity. you can change the name JDK and JRE.

# Step 4: Now Set-up Environment

Ok now once you have installed Java you just need to setup.environment variable for Java so that whenever some program wants to look for Java it’s automatically recognized by your program. So to a setup environment variable what you need to do his “right-click” on your “Windows” a button “here not left click, but right-click right? So left click will open this option. But when you’re right click it will open these options” and right-click you will see this option called a control panel.

  • Just open “Control Panel” And here go to “system and security” and here go to “system”.
  • you just need to click “Advanced system settings”.
  • you will be able to see this “environment variables”.
  • Go to system variables here and just scroll down and click the option which says “path”.
  • Ok, so just double click on it has going to open it. So we need to add this path variable, system variable write. So, we need to copy the location where you have installed is Java.
  • Here two folder JDK and JRE, copy the location of JDK, And give “Semicolon” and copy the path Which is C/program files/ java / JDK / Bin right click and then paste
  • And again give the Semicolon, this time copy the path of JRE which is C/program files/ java / JRE/ Bin right click and then paste.

# Step 4: Open Command prompt

once again when you open the Command prompt so just open Command Prompt once again and then run javac, and press enter and now you can see it will give you so many options and javac is basically a command compile Java source files. So it will give you this message that the uses of javac are like the javac then options then source File right? So now Install “java JDK” on Windows 10.