Motorola’s One Hyper Start Receive Android 11 Update


Motorola is one the oldest smartphone company, If you are searching for devices then it’s the best option for mid-range. One hyper is the most affordable phone. And the Motorola One Hyper Android 11 Update started receiving. If we talk about this phone announcement, this was announced on 4 Dec 2019 And finally launched on 22 Jan 2020.

Motorola One Hyper Android 11 Update

Since this week, in Brazil, Some One Hyper user is eligible to update Android 11. This Android 11 update is not a comprehensive rollout, but some users have only done this Android 11 update, and a screenshot has been released to prove this publication. Sad to say, Only we know, this update coming with March 2021 Security Patches.

Motorola One Hyper Android 11 Update
Motorola One Hyper

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Brazil is one of the countries where Motorola is testing Android 11, which may take some time. Until then, one hyper user in the USA will not be able to update Android 11, it is ready to be updated in other countries.


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