How to Capture a Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 10


When you capture a screenshot on windows 10 it captures only that screen which appears and if you need a full-page screenshot is not possible in the windows 10 default screenshot method. if you using a snipping tool to capture screenshot you can capture only Rectangular, Fullscreen, and Freeform. so, in this article, I will show you how to capture a scrolling screenshot windows 10 and you can save this screenshot in .JPG and .PNG form.

How to Scrolling Screenshot Windows 10

  • Nowadays there are several apps available to capture Scrolling Screenshot Windows 10, But I will suggest you can download this app. And you can use this app for free.
installation finished on scrolling screenshot windows 10
  • When you have downloaded the app, you install the app. After installation complete, you see a prompt appears for changing hotkeys. Click on Yes, you can change shortcut according to your own choice. After that click on OK.
choose hot key accrording to your own choice tap on ok
  • Now you open the page that you want to take a screenshot. Press Ctrl + Alt + PrintSc (if you changed the hotkey, press the hotkey you choose). Now you click on capture scrolling windows, and it will automatically capture screenshot at the end of the page. Otherwise, you can take a screenshot using the manual method by scrolling the mouse.
here you select windows in scrolling screenshot
  • Once you take the screenshot it will appear automatically in the PicPick app. Here you can customize screenshot according to your choice.

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automatic comes screenshot on its editor
  • Now you can save the screenshot at your desired location and choose the format of your files according to your choice.


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