Solved Error: Windows (File system error -2147416359)


Today I discuss a full guide of File system error -2147416359. That error comes if your Window is Not activated. When this error comes, you are not able to open any types of photos(.jpeg, .png, etc.), Music files, and Videos. It’s very irritating when you open your pictures, and those pictures are not open, you weren’t able to listen to music, 8/and you can open movies, videos are not open. You are very disappointed, and you feel it’s tough to solve this error. So, tell you that it’s effortless anyone solves this error you can follow some steps given below:

How to Fix File System error -2147416359.

1: You click on the windows icon and search “RUN” and tap on or you use a Shortcut method to open(Windows + R)

open run

2: And now small pop-up window open here you search “SERVICES.MSC

use shortcut to ope run and here you type services.msc

3: Here you navigate to Window Licence Manager and tap on it.

open window licence manager

4: Tap on Startup type.
5: Select manual and you tap on apply.
6: After that, you tap on the Start.

select manually apply and start

Now you tap on any photo which you want to open and your photo successfully opened. If any problem comes regarding this post you contact me with the help of comments and I will reply to your comment within 24 hours.



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