How to Use Android phone as Webcam


In this article, I want to show you how you could use an android phone as webcam for your PC. Now you might be wondering. Why would I want to use my phone as a webcam? Well, it turns out that the camera on your phone is probably better than the webcam that you’re using. If you have a laptop the integrated webcam quality tends to be pretty poor. We’re going to install two different apps one.

Our PC and then one on our phone to make this work. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Windows Mac or Linux or if you’re on an iPhone or Android phone it’ll work irrespective of which ones you have. I’m going to install the Iriun and app. The reason I like it so much and the reason I recommend it is it’s entirely free and you’ll also get a full resolution picture back from your A phone to your PC. Follow All the Steps How to use an android phone as webcam Given below:

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How to use android phone as webcam

Step 1: Install App on PC/Laptop

  • In the first step, You Install an app on your PC/Laptop. you visit this site. You can install the app according to your operating system. If you are a Windows user you can tap on windows and download the file.
download iriun webcam on your pc/mac or any operating system
  • Once it’s finished downloading. It will pop up a license agreement click on I accept And then click on next.
accept agreement  and tap on next Use Android phone as Webcam

  • Choose the folder where you want to put this and click on install.
ready to install tap on install Use Android phone as Webcam
  • Once You Click on Install, It asks me if I want to start the IRIUN in the webcam server. Click on the finish and start it. It tells you that there’s currently no phone available and that’s because we need to install it on our phone first.
no phone available in iriun webcam

Step 2: Install App on Android/I-phone

  • Now Install Iriun app on your phone, Go to Play Store and search Iriun, and tap on Install. If you are an iPhone user you go to AppStore and search Iriun app and tap on Install.
  • Once the app Installs on your phone, open the app and you can see your image on the phone.

About Iriun App-
You have a few different controls on your phone first off I could flip the image.
And you have optioned the forward-facing camera and Backward facing.
You could also toggle your phone's flashlight on and off.

Step 3: Connect your Both Apps

You can connect both apps with two method:

  1. You have to make sure your phone and the PC both On the same Wi-Fi network within the app.
connect phone as webcam
  1. It’s an optional method, you can connect both apps with the USB method.
    1. Go to your phone and tap on the setting.
    2. And tap on about the phone.
    3. Here you tap on the build version continuously 4-5 times.
    4. You get an additional option called the Developer option.
    5. Open the developer option and scroll down and turn on USB debugging.
    6. And connect your phone and PC through USB Cable.
    7. And open Iriun app on your phone and also on your PC.
    8. Now you see your image shown in your PC.

I can also use my webcam image within OBS. So regardless of what app I’m using it could be teams, Zoom, Google meet, and OBS. I can use my phone’s camera as a webcam and the nice thing. My phone is Wireless. I can move it around anywhere and I get my video footage onto my computer. All right. Well, that was a quick look at how


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