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In today’s article, I am going to share some Window Shortcut keys which will be helpful for you. If you are a new user of a computer or laptop then it’s very necessary to learn the Windows keys. Basically, these keys are also called shortcut keys and Window keys make your work easy and fast. You can open anything fastly and also do some other work easily by using these keys.

So first we will learn the basic keys which are very necessary and most helpful. You can also Discover a lot of Window keys here.

Whenever you need to copy and paste text, images, videos or any of the document keyboard shortcuts make it easier to copy and paste anything faster and you don’t need to do it with a mouse.

CTRL + X:  Used to cut selected items

CTRL + C:  Copy Selected Items

CTRL + V:  To Paste Or Move Items

CTRL + Z:  Undo Or Reverse The Action

Window Shortcut Keys

ALT + Tab: This key shortcut is very helpful and used to open or Switch between the other apps you are using.

ALT + F4:  Sometimes some software gets stuck and it’s hard to close them. So this key is used to close anything easily

WINDOW LOGO  + D:  This shortcut key is used to show the desktop without minimizing or closing any app you are using.

F2:  This is another amazing key that is used to rename the file.

F3: This is a most useful window key which is used to search anything in the file explorer.

F4: This key is used to show the address bar in the file explorer. Using this key you can switch to another address easily.

Window Shortcut Keys

F5: if your PC is working slow then you need to refresh it so this key is used to refresh the active window. You can also reload the Internet page you want. 

ALT + F8: if you are putting your password anyway and facing difficulty to see your password then this key is used to show the password.

ALT + Enter: if you want to check the properties of any item then this key is very helpful for you to check properties.

CTRL + A: This is one of the most amazing and popular keys because it makes your work so much easier you can’t imagine. if you are tired of selecting items one by one then this key is used to select all items at once.

CTRL + D: if you want to delete the selected item then simply use this key.

CTRL + Y: So if you have done any action by mistake and want to restore the action then this is very helpful to reset or redo your action. 

Window Shortcut Keys

CTRL + Shift: if you are a multi-language user and want to switch languages easily and don’t want to go for long then use this key because by pressing these two keys you can switch to another language easily. In the left corner of the screen, you can see the selected language.

SHIFT + DEL: If you want to delete any item forever without moving it to the recycle bin then use this key.

PRINT SCREEN: This is another amazing keyboard shortcut that is used to take screenshots easily. So by using this shortcut you can easily take a snapshot without installing any specific software.

ESC: This is used to leave the task or current page.

WINDOW LOGO + Alt + D:  This key is used to show or hide time and date on the desktop.

WIN LOGO + E:  So if you want to open file explorer then simply use this key.

WIN LOGO + M: Sometimes you need to minimize all the windows opened on your PC. So this is a helpful key to minimize all the windows.

CTRL + MOUSE RIGHT-CLICK:  If you want to select the specific files or documents then simply hold on the Ctrl button and click the right mouse button to select the specific files easily.

CTRL + B: This is an important key to make the text bold or thin.

CTRL + S: If you are writing texts are editing images are any other work and want to save your progress then this is the most useful key to save your progress. 

CTRL + F: This key is used to find the text in your document. By clicking these keys you will see a popup on the top of the window and where you can search any specific word.

CTRL + I: This key is used to make your text style Italic.

CTRL + Shift + I: This is another important key in browsing which is used to show the inspect element menu where you can see the whole coding of your webpage.

CTRL + P: If you want to print anything then this key is used to print the page and by clicking this you will see a print screen page. 

CTRL + H: If you want to check your web browser history then simply use this key.

CTRL + L: This key is used to select the whole URL bar and then you can easily copy it.

So these were the most amazing and popular Window Shortcut keys which are mostly used. I hope that all of this key will be helpful for you and if you have any questions leave the comment section. 

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