How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Mode


If you’re like most people these days, you’ve probably been sitting in front of a computer screen for a very long time and it starts to hurt your eyes. I’m going to show you how you can turn on Window 10 Dark Mode to hopefully bring some relief to your eyes to turn on setup.

How to Enable Window 10 Dark Mode

  1. Go down to your task bar and search for “Color Settings”.
tap on color settings and open
windows 10 dark mode
  1. Here you, “Choose your color”.
  2. Tap on drap-down, And here you select “Dark”.
and select dark
windows 10 dark mode

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Can change it to dark and that will change all of your apps and the taskbar too dark if let’s say I want apps to be light but I want the taskbar to be dark. I can also customize for now. I’ll change everything to dark my apps and also my taskbar are now in dark mode.

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