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How to reset windows 10 PC to factory setting

How to Reset Windows 10 PC to factory setting

If you want to Reset your Windows 10 using factory settings, So you have come to the right place. Here, I will...

How to erase Amazon Prime Video history

When you use the Amazon Prime video app and you accidentally tap on those shows. In which you are not interested and...
Set up hotspot

How to Set-up Mobile Hotspot on Android

Nowadays every smartphone comes with hotspots. you know that We use a mobile hotspot in many ways like(connect BAND, connect earphone, transfer...

Solved Error: Windows (File system error -2147416359)

Today I discuss a full guide of File system error -2147416359. That error comes if your Window is Not activated. When this...

How to Order Online from JIO Mart

You know that due to Coronavirus, the entire country lockdown, everyone stuck in the home, and no one wants to go outside...